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  • When should my player "specialize" in lacrosse as their main sport?

Coaches are looking for Athletes that can play lacrosse and other sports at a high level. No player should ever feel the need to "specialize" in just one sport, each sport helps to develop skills and abilities that will transfer to other sports.

  • If players should play more than one sport, why do you offer year-round lacrosse training?

We understand that a number of lacrosse players do not play other sports or play a sport in either the Fall or Winter seasons only. That being said we provide an opportunity for players to receive additional instruction outside of the traditional Spring season.

Our Fall & Winter programming is designed for players to have a chance to "keep the stick in their hands" a couple days per week allowing for players to compete in other sports as well.

  • Why should Box Lacrosse be played?

Playing in the tighter confines of the Box allows players to develop "softer" hands, increased handle (like dribbling in basketball), and shoot more accurately (as the goal is smaller and goalies wear more pads).

All players learn to play Offense and Defense as the game is played similar to basketball with pick and roll plays. The 5v5 + a goalie like hockey, but no player is designated a defensemen.

  • My son wants to play goalie, but doesn't have the pads?

We provide goalie equipment for players.

At our Box Lacrosse sessions we encourage players to try goalie and play as a "runner" too.

  • Box Lacrosse looks violent and dangerous, how will my child be safe?

Though cross-checking and using the boards is legal in the Box game, it can be done very safely when taught correctly. Too often players are not introduced on how to correctly play defense. Our instruction teaches players how to do this.